Classes & Workshops


  • Training for all-round good dog & puppy manners
  • Problem-solving skills for everyday life with your dog
  • Small class sizes with lots of personal attention
  • Open enrollment in Puppy: Start anytime
  • Only positive, science-based training methods

“We have been coming back to Your Dog’s Place for classes for over two years now, because it’s such an amazing experience.–Nancy Kimble

“Sue’s classes are very helpful; you’ll find your dog (and yourself) trained in no time.–Joy M Hollister

“Sue’s training techniques and advice during her classes were invaluable to me—I don’t know how I could have managed without her!” –Arlene Pozzi

At Your Dog’s Place, classes are designed to send you home with a better-behaved dog—and to give you the skills to solve doggie problems that arise in your home, neighborhood, and out in the world.

We know that, when it comes to living with a dog, basic good manners count the most. That’s why our classes focus on:

  • Teaching your dog to come when called.
  • Training your dog to greet people politely.
  • Teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash.
  • Getting your puppy house-trained quickly.
  • Teaching your puppy what to chew—and what not.

This and much more. And if you find you love learning with your dog—and we think you will—then we have games, scent work, and other fun activities you can take part in together.

To view upcoming classes, see pricing, and to sign up, visit our online schedule, call 570.7493.2353 or email us at today.