Street Smarts: Skills for Real Life

Put your dog’s manners to the test in the real world. In this class, we take you and your dog on the road, practicing polite behavior where it counts: Out in the community. Can your dog walk nicely on leash when strange dogs approach? Does your dog wait at the curb? Come when called at the park? Can your dog lie nicely under a café table without making a nuisance of herself? If not, or if you would like to practice other real-world challenges, sign up for Street Smarts where we will work real life skills by attending events throughout the local Wayne County region demonstrating responsible canine ownership!

For:  Adult dogs
Length:  4 weeks
When:  See online schedule for times.
Where:  Your Dog’s Place, Honesdale, PA, (click for map)
Date:  Contact us for upcoming dates
Cost:  See online schedule for current pricing.

Completion of either Kinderpuppy Class or Canine Life and Social Skills and Current on vaccinations(please bring proof)

The class covers:
Loose-leash walking in distracting environments, leaving sidewalk temptations alone, getting attention and keeping eye contact in public, polite greetings of people and unfamiliar dogs, recall at the park, and anything you request.

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