Private Training

Is a class environment not your thing?  Does your dog not appreciate being around other dogs?  Can’t fit our class schedule into your busy schedule?  Do you prefer a customized training program? Private training may be just the thing for you!

6 weeks old King Charles puppy dog playing with an old slipper

Why Us?

  • Effective, fast-working methods
  • 100% positive and humane
  • Dog trainer w. 20+ years of experience
  • Customized training programs

Get A Polite Dog That’s A Pleasure To Live With

Is your dog or puppy’s misbehavior…

  • annoying or frustrating you?
  • adding stress to your life?
  • making you worry about safety?
  • plain driving you crazy?

In other words, a dog you can take anywhere without having to worry he will jump on people or knock over small children or growl at other dogs.

Sounds Good?

We understand. Dogs are wonderful, but many of the things they do—jump, bark, pull on leash, rush the door, chew on clothes, dig up the tulip bed—can be irritating to say the least. And some dog behavior can be downright unsafe for you, your family, or other people and pets.

Not to worry, though. It doesn’t have to be that way. Dog behavior can be changed, quickly and for good, using humane training methods that are easy to learn and apply.

We’ll show you how! Call 570.493.2353 or email us today.

Polite greetings
Come when called
Walk nicely on leash
Sit, down, stay, pay attention
Jumping, over-excitement
Barking at people or dogs
Pulling or lunging on leash
Rushing the door at the bell
Chewing, mouthing
Socialization, handling
Settling down
Protectiveness of toys, food
Separation anxiety
House soiling
Phobias, fear, shyness

Don’t see your dog’s problem here? Give us a call.

Programs & Rates

Programs are customized to your training goals and your dog’s skill level, so the number of sessions varies. As a rule of thumb, common dog and puppy problems can be solved in 3–6 sessions. Serious behavior issues may require a longer program.

Training sessions: $75/hour

Multiple sessions: Book 3 or more sessions to receive a discount